Double Espresso
Two shots of freshly ground Timbertrain espresso
Two shots of espresso and hot water – can be made iced
Two shots of espresso and steamed milk – can be made iced
Two shots of espresso, steamed milk, and a dense layer of foam
Marble Mocha
Dark and white chocolate mixed with two shots of espresso and steamed milk – can be made iced
Caramel Macchiato
Steamed milk and vanilla syrup topped with two shots of espresso and caramel drizzle – can be made iced
French Vanilla Latte
Vanilla and hazelnut flavours combined with two shots of espresso and steamed milk
Drip Coffee
Medium roast coffee roasted locally in Vancouver from Timbertrain


Loose Leaf Tea
Over 15 varieties from Mighty Leaf and Karla’s Specialteas – ask your server to see a tea list
Chai Latte
Sweet and spicy chai flavours combined with steamed milk
London Fog
Earl Grey tea steeped with vanilla syrup and topped with steamed milk


Pop Shoppe
Over 6 different flavours of naturally sweetened old fashion pop
House-made classic lemonade
Iced Tea
House-made iced orange pekoe tea sweetened with sugar


Sangria Mar-tea-ni
Karla’s Sangria tea, simple syrup, and mandarin vodka on ice
Bailey’s Coffee
A classic – rich Timbertrain drip coffee with a shot of Bailey’s
Blueberry Tea
Orange Pekoe tea with 0.5oz of Amaretto and 0.5oz of Grand Marnier
Monte Cristo
Our Timbertrain drip coffee with 0.5oz of Grand Marnier and 0.5oz of Kahlua
Half orange juice and half champagne – all delicious!
White/Red Wine
Local white or red wine from Chaberton Winery in Langley